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Installshield 2019 Pro can't build MSIX

0 1 23
Can you not build msix packages with the Pro edition of installshield? Anytime I try to build an msix I get a warning message: "ISDEV : warning -7158: Virtualization feature is not included in this edition.".
by aarkhan Pilgrim

InstallScript and arrays of custom data structures

0 1 22
Hi, I am declaring array of custom data structure (typedef syntax). But each element is null, so I am not able to assign property value this way: myArray(0).myProp = "".When I assign myArray(0) = someVariableOfMyDataStructure as a first step, everyth...
by kmisniak Pilgrim

Can i create VC++ 2017 prerequisite in installshield 2013

0 7 1229
Hi All,I am trying to create VC++ 2017 PRQ file in installshield 2013 for my installer.Can i do that? Or do i need to move to latest installshield whichever has vc++ 2017?.When i created prq and run the installer i am getting below issue.."the files ...
by Janakiram Pilgrim

Installshield 2019 PREMIER Trial can't create MSIX

0 7 83
Hi all,I attended the Flexera webinar last week and downloaded the TRIAL version "InstallShield2019PremierComp.exe" to try the new MSIX features, but unfortunately it is not possible to create MSIX with this version.How can I test the main new functi...
by Reavers Flexera beginner

Regarding mutiple instance using Installscript project

0 4 60
Hi,In General information, I have set Maintenance Experience to "multi-instance" for the Installscript project.So when I first install, It gets installed all the files, virtual directory, and App-pool setting. It's working as expected.when I rerun th...
by sasikumar Flexera beginner

Create a Manage code CA using 64 bit .dll

0 1 21
HiI have a Basic MSI project in ISH 2018 SP1,The setup is target to be installed on 64 bit machine but have 32 and 64 components. I want to create a managed code CA that use .net .dll built in 64bit configuration but when I enter the "Method Signatur...
by eladef Flexera beginner

.NET Framework 4.8 prq file

0 6 144
Hello,We are in the process of updating our software to .NET Framework 4.8. I notice there isn't a Redistributable in InstallShield for .NET Framework 4.8.Does anyone have a .prq file available for .NET Framework 4.8?Kind RegardsElliott
by elliottgresham Flexera beginner

A question about file type association

0 2 2355
What I want is to associate .s*p (Extension with a wildcard character) with my product, which means when I double click a *.s1p or *.s2p file, my product would launch. This seems impossible, any ideas?
by ningchen Pilgrim

How to set custom App-pool Identity in Installscript project

0 4 100
Hi,We are using InstallShield 2018 for our products. One particular product is a web app which installs the app, configure IIS, run some DB scripts, do config file transformations and using InstallScript project for that one.I have a requirement like...
by sasikumar Flexera beginner

Installshiled 2019 Premier Trail Evaluation Questions

0 7 189
I have evaluated Installshield 2019 Trial today. Some questions below.  About .netFramework 3.5: 1. When I install it on clean Windows 10 x64 system, it will try to install .netFramework 3.5 after InstallShield 2019 installed. I don’t know if .netFr...
by SunnySun Flexera beginner

Installing\ Uninstalling Services issue

0 2 71
Hi Flexera community, how you all doin'?I've started a new job recently and as part of my job I'm responsible of the InstallShield application(2012 - Professional Edition Service pack 1 Version 18).I've been asked to add a new Service as part of the ...
by Lirantev Flexera beginner


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