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Calling a .cmd file from InstallShield

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I need to create an install shield form which will prompt for three values. Then the values will be passed on to a .cmd file which InstallShield will be calling. Does anyone know how to do that? I just need to know how to call the .cmd file from the ...
by Lexicon Pilgrim

InstallShied project type & features

0 2 27
Hi,I am new joiner to this community and just subscribed for InstallShield 2019 Pro. Basically we would like to create single click installer from our packages listed in the below:1.Hardware Requirement Dialog (number of CPUs, Memory and Diskspace av...
by javasaran Flexera beginner

.NET 4.8 Offline installation takes 15 mins

0 3 38
Hello,I'm trying to solve an issue we are noticing with InstallShield installing 4.8 framework. When we do a clean/fresh install of our product, the pre-req (.net 4.8) installs in about 5 mins (as expected).But when we do an upgrade of our product an...
by twunky Flexera beginner

How to make installer to install earlier version

0 1 11
Hi,in an install script project, how can we let the installer to install earlier version than installed version (a) how to make an installer to downgrade? I am stuck with a pop-up saying "This setup installs an earlier version"Thanks,.
by balaji_ayyanar Flexera beginner

Registering 64-bit native DLL failed

0 14 164
I use InstallShield 2016 Professional edition. The project is InstallScriptOperating system: Windows 7 64-bit.The COM-based DLL file is native 64-bit. I could not register as self-register, as few components are added at a later stage. So at the ver...
by helenAtHoriba Flexera beginner

COM extraction to reg file by script or command line

0 2 43
Hello,I have questions about automatization of COM extraction:1) Is it a way to extract COM information to reg file by external script (ie. using ISWiProject object) or by command line of any application provided with InstallShield (or OS)?I spent a ...
by Wittiw Flexera beginner

Error on Page

0 5 58
I'm getting a yellow error page with the message "Server Error in '/Services/Autoresponder' Application" when trying to register and download the InstallShield Limited Edition for Visual Studio.
by BDoctorCW Flexera beginner

Same Product code for different project type

0 4 56
Hi,I have changed my project type from Installscript MSI to Install script project for multiple instance support.So, the initial installer was created with Install script MSI type and I need it to get an upgrade using a new installer created by Insta...
by sasikumar Active participant

setup.exe crashes - but not with silent install

0 9 167
The installer I am creating works when using a silent install script, but crashes on launch when the setup.exe is interactive. This is a sudden issue as no changes have been made to my InstallShield script project and no updates to Windows.When clic...
by BobHickey Flexera beginner

Problems reactivating Installshield 2015

0 2 78
I have a problem while attempting to re-activate our installation of Installshield 2015, it started asking us for a reactivation today:On-Line activation returns: "Error 0 - Activation of serial number failed: The quantity specified exceeds maximum q...
by spazos Flexera beginner

COM Extraction issues - incorrect typelib paths in registry

0 3 1818
Hi all,We are using COM Extract at Build in a Merge Module project. We are encountering a problem where paths for our internal build machines are being found in "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\TypeLib\...\1.0\0\win32" rather than the path the DLL has been install...
by alanrickman Pilgrim

Custom Folder Icon

0 2 51
Hi,I just want to set a specific icon to a folder create by the installshield installer.The folder where I want to set an icon is a folder create in the Shortcuts/Desktop.I want to set the icon I created for our folder where all the shortcut of all o...
by steve_guerin Pilgrim

Installshield 2019 / NuGet / CefSharp

0 2 52
I'm currently enhancing our application with a built in Cefsharp-Browser.CefSharp is included via NuGet and comes with a bunch of files put into the project output folder in VS 2017.I added the projects primary output and the locally copied files to ...
by achim_muehlber Pilgrim

Display installshield dialog for “Repair” from control panel

1 2 71
We are using a Basic MSI project that creates an exe file. We need to display installshield dialogs when the user chooses to “Repair” from control panel. However, by default, when “Repair” is selected from control panel, there is a prompt from window...
by tirtht Flexera beginner

InstallShield 2010 stops working

0 3 70
I am not able to build my project in InstallShield 2010. This issue started appearing after 11-Jun-2019.Please see the attached screenshot Installshield 2010 crashesof the error. Would be of great help if there is any pointer to the resolution.
by devflex Flexera beginner


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