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InstallShield 2015 SP1 Hotfix IOJ-1745445

0 1 11
Hello, our Security Team has found a problem with Flexera InstallShield 2015 LE (22.0.1). We have to install hotfix IOJ-1745445 but I can't find it on the Flexera website. Can someone provide me with a link to the hotfix? Thanks in advance, Regards G...
by Stoeldraaijers Pilgrim

Set global properties during installation are not changed

0 3 46
Set properties issuesDescription:Hi, We have 2 problems which i faced: 1. during installation we define specific global property that will indicate when value is='FE' to show FE features in custom and when value is='BE' show features relevant to BE f...
by michaelb Flexera beginner

Major Upgrade detection from InstallScript

0 1 18
Hi all,I have an IS 2018 InstallScript MSI project. I have made changes in the upgrade view and added an upgrade item to support automatic major upgrades.Question is how do I detect in the install script if the installation is going to perform a majo...
by agshah Pilgrim

How to get the status of Windows Virtualization enabled or not?

0 4 61
Hi, We have a requirement as part of pre-installation steps to check the status of virtualization enabled or not in windows machine where the installation is being made. Is there any built-in function to acheive this in installshield pro? Thanks in a...
by javasaran Flexera beginner

The maximum number of returns is reached

0 1 19
I am needing to reinstall the installshield because the previous server broke.When I intend to perform offline activation I get an error."The maximum number of returns is reached"How can I solve this problem?
by pablodz Pilgrim

Registering 64-bit native DLL failed

0 17 222
I use InstallShield 2016 Professional edition. The project is InstallScriptOperating system: Windows 7 64-bit.The COM-based DLL file is native 64-bit. I could not register as self-register, as few components are added at a later stage. So at the ver...
by helenAtHoriba Flexera beginner

Some text fields pre-populated on upgrade

0 3 44
InstallShield 2018 R2In some text fields of the dialogs, some values are pre-populated with values used by the previous install. Example: I have a textbox where the user entered a database name. The next time the user runs the installer, the value ...
by marcboggs Flexera beginner

Activation of 2012 Spring is ok, but product still in trial.

0 2 29
Hello, After about 4 years I started my InstallShield 2012 Spring and it needs activation. So I activate it again and dialog shows - all is ok, serial number was activated succesfully. But InstallShield is still in trial mode. What is wrong? Thanks Z...
by ZVasku9 Flexera beginner

Serial Number Validation DLL.

0 3 53
Hello, We try to load a DLL in Serial Number Validation DLL.1. At the beginning we made this DLL in C# but we don't know why is not working in installshield.2. We saw the example in installshield, this DLL is made it in C++ we compile this file in Vi...
by luiscardona Flexera beginner


0 4 1326
My install creates a database instance for a SQL 2005 server. It does not include my client side application. The install creates a DB and executes some SQL scripts. When the scripts are executed they run under the “NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM”. I need the s...
by _shielder_ Pilgrim

Some GAC dlls are uninstalled during major upgrade

0 2 75
During a major upgrade from version 3.1.4022.29 to 3.1.4023.114 we discoverd, that some assemblies in the global assembly cache get uninstalled. All our GAC files are marked as permanent. As you see in the attached Screenshots, the assembly versions ...
by BkSetupDev Flexera beginner

InstallShied project type & features

0 3 67
Hi,I am new joiner to this community and just subscribed for InstallShield 2019 Pro. Basically we would like to create single click installer from our packages listed in the below:1.Hardware Requirement Dialog (number of CPUs, Memory and Diskspace av...
by javasaran Flexera beginner

Download of new 2019 Installshield

0 2 52
I am trying to download the new version 2019. When I get to download and License page, I see no options to download. I am logged in but no downloads or licenses show on the page at all...
by bruce_benson Flexera beginner


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