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Does InstallAnywhere Support PPC Little Endian Systems?

Does InstallAnywhere Support PPC Little Endian Systems?


Information on InstallAnywhere support for PowerPC Little Endian systems


Does InstallAnywhere support PPC Little Endian systems?


For Systems Running InstallAnywhere (Authoring Environment)
InstallAnywhere does not support PPC Little Endian as an authoring or build environment. The request for this support to be added has been submitted to our Engineering team as Issue# IOJ-1731779. Our Engineering team is investigating this issue, but at this moment, there is no estimated time frame for when PPC Little Endian support will be added to InstallAnywhere.

For Target Systems (Installer Environment)
InstallAnywhere 2015 and later has runtime support for RHEL 7.1 PPC Little Endian target machines for silent and console mode only. InstallAnywhere 2017 and later has runtime support for RHEL 7.2 PPC Little Endian target machines. Additional support for GUI mode and other flavors and versions of Linux are being looked into by our Engineering team. Newly added platform support will be announced in our latest Release Notes for InstallAnywhere.

Additional Information

?For the latest information on supported platforms, refer to the Release Notes or the InstallAnywhere Requirements page here.

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