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Build Failure Does Not Show Reason Or Any Additional Details

Build Failure Does Not Show Reason Or Any Additional Details


How to find additional information when a build fails and the build details does not show a reason or suggestion/details


During a build, a progress panel is displayed that has an arrow you can click to display build details. When a build failure occurs, the build details will usually show a reason and suggestion/details for the build error. However, sometimes the reason and suggestion/details fields will be blank, leaving no information in regards to the build failure. The build details may look like this:
Build failure. 
How do I find more information on this build failure?


The Build Log tab displays an XML log of the build once a project is built. Go to the Build Log tab and click Refresh Log to display the current log. For a more detailed log, you can generate a verbose build log. The steps to generate a verbose log are provided in the KB article linked below.

Additional Information

Generating InstallAnywhere Build Log
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