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How to Build from the Command Line

How to Build from the Command Line


Information on the InstallAnywhere command-line build tool


How do I build InstallAnywhere projects from the command line?


The InstallAnywhere command-line build tool for building installers is located in the InstallAnywhere home directory.
For Windows-based development systems, InstallAnywhere provides two versions of the command-line build tool:
  • build.exe
  • build-as-invoker.exe
Using build-as-invoker.exe is recommended for users who do not have administrative privileges on their Windows-based build system.

For Mac OS X-based development systems, the command-line build tool is called:
  • build.command
For UNIX/Linux-based development systems, the command-line build tool is called:
  • build

To build through the command line, use the following syntax:

<build_tool> Project_File_Path List_of_Build_Configurations
i.e. build.exe C:\MySetups\MyProduct.iap_xml BuildConf1 BuildConf2

The path for the project file (Project_File_Path) must be specified. The build configuration list (List_of_Build_Configurations) is optional. If you do not list build configurations in your command-line statement, all of the build configurations that are defined in the project and that have their Add to project build check box selected are built.

The command-line build tool can also be called with many options to override build targets, distribution options, working directory, and more. For details, see Build Command-Line Arguments.
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