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Ways to Optimize and Improve Installation Performance

Ways to Optimize and Improve Installation Performance


Tips on how to minimize the size of installers and improve installation performance


What are some ways I can optimize or improve the performance of my installer?


Follow the points below to optimize your installers.

Minimizing Size of Installers
Here are several suggestions to minimize the size of an installer.
  • Select the "Optimize Installer Size by Platform and Tags" check box (Advanced Designer > Build page > Build Installers view > Build Configurations tab > Distribution subtab). Note: This option is available only in the Premier edition of InstallAnywhere.
  • Use SpeedFolders to install groups of files together. Using SpeedFolders can dramatically increase the speed and memory efficiency of your installer. SpeedFolders allow an entire folder of files to be treated as a single installation action, reducing space and increasing performance.
  • Do not bundle a JRE. If you must include a JRE, use one that does not include international resources.
  • Avoid the background image used in GUI installers.
  • Include a billboard that has a minimal file size.
  • Exclude install panel labels or panel images.
  • Use only the essential install steps.
  • Do not include an uninstaller if one is not necessary.
  • Only build for the needed locales.
  • You can use the Download File action to download a file during installation using FTP, HTTP, SFTP, or Anonymous FTP protocol instead of including the file within the installer package.

Optimizing UNIX-Based Installers
InstallAnywhere creates a single UNIX-based installer without a bundled VM that can be run on most UNIX-based platforms. The installers with bundled VMs are built specifically for each platform and may be optimized for the platform. The UNIX-based installer without a bundled VM, however, contains all the resources that are needed for every UNIX-based platform. Having all of the resources for the various UNIX-based platforms can make this UNIX-based installer without VM larger than the optimized installers for individual UNIX-based platforms that actually include a VM. However, the UNIX-based installer without VM will be smaller than the UNIX-based installer built without platform optimizations. For similar reasons, the pure Java installer never receives any platform optimizations and is always the same size regardless of platform optimizations.

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