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Generating Patches with InstallAnywhere

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SummaryThe following example illustrates a guide to creating patch installers using InstallAnywhere, complete with sample projects (see Attachment: This example may be especially helpful for developers inter...
by Revenera Flexera_Ian Revenera

Generating InstallAnywhere Build Log for macOS or OS X

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SummaryThis article discusses how to generate a verbose InstallAnywhere build log specifically on macOS or OS X.SynopsisThis article outlines the steps necessary to generate a verbose build-time debug log, specifically on macOS or OS X.DiscussionHere...
by Revenera Flexera_Ian Revenera

Specifying a Valid VM List for a Pure Java Installer

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SummaryThis article goes over why the Valid VM List will not work with a pure Java installer and provides a workaround for this limitationSynopsisYou can specify a list of Java Virtual Machines for the installer to run with under the Project > JVM Se...
by Revenera tphamda Revenera

Setting an InstallAnywhere Variable from within Custom Code

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SummaryTo set an InstallAnywhere Variable from within Custom Code, the setVariable(String varName, Object value) method can be used.SynopsisTo set an InstallAnywhere Variable from within Custom Code, the setVariable(String varName, Object value) meth...
by nbikos Pilgrim

Using Mapped Network Drives in InstallAnywhere

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SummaryOut of the box, a Windows environment with UAC (Vista and later) will not allow for mapped drives to be used by all applications.SynopsisWith the introduction of UAC, mapped drives and their availability may behave differently than expected. S...
by nbikos Pilgrim

How to Determine Which Features Were Selected by the User

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SummaryHow to obtain a list of chosen features and execute actions based on what features were chosen.SynopsisWith a Choose Install Sets panel, the end user is able to select which Product Features they want to install. It can be useful to know what ...
by Revenera tphamda Revenera

Determining Whether a Silent Install Was Successful

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SummaryWays to check for errors and determine if a silent installation was successfulSynopsisWhen an installation runs in silent mode, there is no user interaction. As a result, no output is displayed to the end user notifying them whether or not an ...
by Revenera tphamda Revenera

Creating an Upgrade in InstallAnywhere

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SummaryHow to create an upgrade using the Upgrades view in InstallAnywhere.SynopsisAn upgrade will update earlier versions of a product by uninstalling the earlier versions of your product?if they are present?before installing the new version. If the...
by Revenera tphamda Revenera

Enumerating InstallAnywhere Variables at Run Time Using Custom Code Action

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SummaryThis article shows how one can enumerate InstallAnywhere Variables using a custom code at runtime.SynopsisInstallAnywhere variables are used to store data that are used by many standard actions, and this data can be shared between actions in a...
by Flexera sunshine Flexera

How to use Source Paths to allow sharing the same project file on different machines

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SummaryThis articles goes over how to use Source Paths to allow sharing project files in different environmentsSynopsisYou can use source paths to reference file resources using variable paths instead of absolute paths. If you move your project and s...
by Revenera tphamda Revenera