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Customize default runtime strings

Customize default runtime strings


This article describes how to change default strings provided by InstallAnywhere to custom string for runtime installers.


This  article outlines the steps which helps installer author to provide custom strings based on product requirement for any runtime strings. This approach can change strings in panels, consoles, dialog boxes etc.


Here are the steps to customize runtime strings in installer

Steps :

  1. Navigate to <IA_HOME>\resource\i18nresources\ and open custom_<locale>in editor.
  2. Search for string which needs customization. (eg: Introduction)
  3. Search shows multiple Key-Value pair, find which needs customization.
  4. Change or modify value of that particular Key and save file.
  5. Relaunch InstallAnywhere and build project.

Note : This approach will change value of this particular key permanently till again it is not changed.


In order to achieve customization at product level for localized installer:

  1. Create or open project.
  2. Build > Build Installers > Locales > Select an additional locale to include (eg:Spanish)
  3. Save the project.
  4. <IA_PROJECT_DIR>/<PRODUCT_NAME>locales_Default_Configuration folder
  5. Open the custom_es localization file in a text editor.
  6. Locate the property or value which needs customization.
  7. Change or modify value for key and save.
  8. Relaunch InstallAnywhere and build project.

Note : There is limitation on custom_en for this approach, it will work only on other locale files.

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