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Virtual Appliance > Subnet > Scan Selected, does not work

From the Virtual Applicance, when selecting one of the IP subnets on the list and clicking 'Scan Selected' then clicking Save in the next window nothing happens.  Why does it not scan the IP subnet?

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By Level 2 Flexeran
Level 2 Flexeran

Hi Nick, 

The Virtual appliance will only scan a subnet after the Request Rescan button is selected, which is found in the bottom right corner of the Dashboard of the Appliance. The Scan Selected button is used to tell the appliance that the subnets you have selected using the checkbox should be included in the next Rescan.

I hope this helps to answer your question, 

Jack Lonstein

How do I only scan one subnet or just a few?  When I click the Request Rescan button it lists ALL of the subnets will be scanned and 0 will be ignored.

Using the Subnets tab, you can deselect all subnets for scanning, then use the search and the checkbox on the far left to select only the subnets you are interested in rescanning, and finally use the Scan Selected button which will cause the subnets you  selected with the checkbox to be included in the next scan. 

This process will limit the rescan to only the selected subnets.