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RISC Assessment Data stays in the US??

Hi All, I am guessing based on the compliances in place that RISC assessment data is stored in the cloud in North America ? A customer just asked the question and I was hoping someone could confirm that the assessment data is indeed in the USA before...

Error on Dashboard : Whoa! Something has gone wrong. Sorry about this! Please refresh the page. Error retrieving API Data. See console for full error.

Hi We installed this tool with a subscription code at a client place on Monday,12-July-2021. 24 hours later, we wanted to find out what information the tool gathered from the device. On the Dashboard screen, we keep getting this error.'Whoa! Somethin...

Joem75 by Level 2
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Solved Cloudscape Reports not Available

Currently, only 4 reports are available to download. However, typically there's approximately 13 reports available that we require (see screenshot). We spoke to Michael Luney from Flexera and he stated that if we raise this ticket, the missing report...

Adding databases to RN150 in bulk.

Is there any sort of bulk add function when adding databases to the database module in the RN150? We have 100s of databases to add and doing that 1x1 would be a tad arduous. We created a service user for the RN150 to use to connect to these databases...

Solved Cleaning up subnet list in RN150

I had an RN150 handed off to me that has something like 2000+ subnets added to it making it very difficult to navigate since there aren't any filter options. Is there anyway to clean this list up? Or should we just deploy a brand new RN150 and be mor...

invalid appliance image detected (you have entered an assessment key but not chosen weather or not you will be using flex deploy)

Hi Team, We just deploy the RN150 appliance from the risk portal and it appears we moved forward with the selection no for deployment of flexdeploy, now attempting to change change the same is not working.We key in the key and click update with no lu...

puneetb by Level 2
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