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Frequency of talking the servers to find the dependency in a day or in hour basis.


We need to understand how many times one server is talking to another server and the duration i.e 12 hours/24 hours etc. Eg Server1 is talking to Server 2 , 500 times in a day. We need to see that view using the CS tool reports.
This is an requirement from the customer, please suggest how can we get that view. We can see the netstat connections column in the detailed application dependency data view (as shown in screenshot above), can this be considered the number of connections for each server talking to other destination server if yes, what is the duration.
Identification of the netstat connections field as the count of connections, however the RN150 is not able to collect or display connection duration, that feature needs to be added in the Flexera cloudscape discovery tool

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I would encourage you to raise these requirements as ideas through the Ideas portal and share them here so that other forum members can vote on them.