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How long does new schedule rescan available to run


I added new schedule rescan on RN150 for 1 device but it just pass by and I don't receive any email notice start scan.

How long does it take for the schedule to take effect? And after scan, does RN150 upload immediately or has another schedule itself?


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As long as you access the RN150 via an external browser (using the IP given on the RN150 appliance), then you should be able to schedule just fine.


The scheduled scan should run as per your schedule (as seen in the Discovery Scheduler - easy way to confirm if the scheduled scans have saved correctly). The scan itself should complete relatively quickly depending on how many assets we're looking at discovering, but to be generous I'd maybe give it an hour - and as you mentioned I would also expect to see the same 'A scan was initiated for...' email in your inbox (doesn't always go into focused if using Outlook, so worth checking Other).

Hi @nharrisdobson 

Thank you for your reply.

I try to schedule scan 1 new device in scanned subnet (deselect subnet and select device IP (/32)), but it were not performed.

It can be discovered by request rescan in whole subnet, but not for 1 new device.

How can I resolve this?


Could I ask what the purpose would be to rescan the individual device IP rather than simply allow the RN150 to scan the full subnet on a schedule to pick up any new devices that have been added within said subnet?

Hi @nharrisdobson 

Because I don't want to waste time and bandwidth with devices that have been found before.
It's like if I subdividing an large existing subnet (/16) into two or more subnet (/24 /25 /26) , then assigned those subnet IP for new device and I just need to check out the newly devices.

Ok that makes sense, sorry just wanted to understand the context of what you were aiming for 🙂


So in a nutshell, if you just untick the original subnet (the /16 that would contain the device) you can create a new subnet (/32 etc) and use that to narrow the scope of the discovery and schedule the rescan. If you tried this previously and didnt get the notification or discovery, could you try again and let me know, as the process should be that simple.