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Network interface infomation of ESXi server



I'm using RN150 discoveried ESXi server, the management interface is vmnet1 which has IP
After licensing device and rescan, a new device with IP 169.254.x.x (auto-generated IP of vmnet0 of ESXi server - because vmnet0 does not has IP)  appears as the ESXi and the IP become Orphaned.


When I check device details, both of them not have Network interfaces information.
How can I merge those records to 1 device and show the NIC information in Device details?


Thank you

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By Level 9 Flexeran
Level 9 Flexeran

Orphaned VMware devices indicate there was a change with vCenter inventory and the host is no longer available according to vCenter. This typically occurs when there is a change to the ESXi network settings.

Currently there is no feature to merge information from 2 devices in the platform. Also please note the platform will monitor CPU and Memory metrics from ESXi hosts, but network interface metrics are only collected from guest virtual machines, not from ESXi hosts. 

Hi @RCharette 

But we use the IP to collect information from ESXi server, why its IP address is 169.254.x.x.

How can I change it?


The subnet range 169.254.x.x is a private IP Addressing space reserved by Microsoft which it assigns automatically to your Network Adapter if it cannot get an IP Address from the DHCP Server. I would recommend confirming DHCP configuration and once resolved, you can request a rescan with 'view changes' option enabled to update the device interface information. 


Hello @RCharette ,

Does CloudScape automatically recognizes vmnic0 as management interface?

We use vmnic1 to manage ESXi and want FDP show its IP address for this server. Is the anyway to do this?


We have opened a support case on your behalf to further investigate the reported IP address of the vmnic and will notify you as soon as we have an update through the case.