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credentials for windows collection module

Hello,Can we use an domain user and grant remote access and some permissions instead of domain administrator to collect windows devices? If yes, please let me know details about needed permission.Another way is create a domain user and add to local a...

Monitor performance on scanned devices

Hello, I want to monitor performance on target devices while RN150 is discovery and collect performance data. Is there any process on target devices I can filter it to focus and check details? In case the collection consumes a lot of resources, how c...

Stack content synchronization

I want to be able to update cloudscape stack membership to reflect relationships from another inventory and only use "Build Stacks" for the leftovers (since doing this part is essentially "the hard way".     Problem:  While I can easily build an init...

Solved RN150 Internet access requirements

May I know what each Internet connection requirement of RN150 using for? If we use FlexDeploy,  will these connection requirements the same or I can remove some of them?Internet access (TCP Port 443)TCP Port 443 outbound to the following:• orchestrat...

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Solved Does FDP has database to save data?

Where is my data going to save to if using FlexDeploy option? Does FDP appliance has a database on it?Is it possible if I want to save the raw data inventoried by RN150  to another device or DB to backup for example?Thank you.

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Populate subnet from routing table requirement

Hello, I try to import subnet list from a firewall via SNMP. Is there any requirement on SNMP information or interface to perform it? RN150 can discover and inventory it successfully but when I enter the same SNMP information for subnet import, it sh...

aaaaaa by Level 6
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