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Summary of Collection:


The summary of collection section will assist users with verifying the platform can monitor performance and traffic on licensed devices.

Summary page:

  • Device types : Listed is each of the device types that have been properly inventoried.
  • Current number of issues : Numeric value of the number of servers in the category that have at least one applicable performance metric that is not being collected on a licensed device.
  • Currently licensed : The number of currently licensed devices in that category.
  • Inventoried : The number of properly inventoried devices in that category.

Device Type Detail:

Filter by Device : Allows you to filter the current table by device type. Please note, in this section, devices inventoried on a VMWare level and the operating system level will show up twice. One with a device type of Virtual Machine and one with a device type of the OS. Ex. Generic Server for Linux/AIX. This filtering can be useful to ensure newly added credentials or modified credentials are now successfully collecting the desired and applicable metrics for a particular device type.

Filter by complete performance

  • Show all : Shows all licensed devices AND actually no idea what all this page shows.
  • Complete : Displays all licensed devices that are collecting each applicable metric. Also shows all previously licensed devices that had complete performance collection.
  • Incomplete : Shows all licensed devices that are failing collection on 1 or more applicable metrics. Also displays any devices that were at one point licensed and failed to collect on one or more applicable metrics.

Once selection is made, select ‘Apply Filters’

Field detail

Red X/Green Check :

A red X means the device is licensing and not able to collect on at least one applicable metric or the device was licensed at some point and is not anymore.

A green check means that the device is licensed and collecting all applicable metrics or has never been licensed.


Red No :

Could be powered off, credential changed/expired, host was migrated or decommissioned. You may hover your mouse over the red ‘No’ to see a Last Collected timestamp.

Yes :

Device is successfully being collected on. You may hover your mouse over the ‘Yes’ to see a Last Collected timestamp

NA : Means that metric is not applicable to the device type. This is most common on the Netstat and Process Detail columns when viewing a device on the virtual level.

Timestamps :

Last Attempt is the last time performance collection was attempted on the device. When troubleshooting this can be handy information in regard to diagnosing a credential change or expiration.

Troubleshooting collection :


By holding the mouse over the red No columns for these devices in the Summary of Collection page, if there is not a last collected timestamp, these devices have never had performance collection since they were properly inventoried.


The most likely culprit is a credential that expired after inventory but before licensing. It is always a best practice to request a rescan after credential modification so if you have not added the credentials used in the validation process, please edit those credentials and request a rescan.


Credential Validation : The validate credential feature should be used any time a credential is input or modified in the RN150 appliance itself. Also, when suffering from issues in the summary of collection page, the credential validation is the best troubleshooting tool as it polls the same metrics used for inventory and performance collection.

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