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How can i retrieve - Asset Errors - using RISC network API's

How can i retrieve - Asset Errors - Error Types by Date for a particular date using RISC network API's.

right now I can download all set information based upon device type but not sure how to get below information using risc API -

  • bad-configuration
  • bad-credential
  • no-credential
  • not-accessible
  • not-eligible
  • query-failure
  • unclassified


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At this time, you will not be able to pull Asset Error Data using the API feature.

For the complete list of data that can be polled using the API feature, please see the link below to our online documentation.

In the document, please use the List Operations feature to expand the list of data that can be polled through the API feature.

Please let  us know if there are questions. 

Thank you,

Mark Jamison

Flexera Support Team