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AD account keeps getting locked

Trying to get a clean discovery scan in a very large/complex environment and the single AD Service Account (used for both SSH and Windows collection) keeps getting locked out every time we do a scan. We have a scheduled task that checks and unlocks the account every 12 mins (last attempt this occurred 12 times during the scan). This creates the situation where for every system queried in that 5 min window they are marked as inaccessible, but when tested manually they all come back clean. Have had little success running down what is causing the lock and there appears to by no pattern. Anyone else out there run into this?

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I'm not responding based on having had this experience, but...

You seem to have implemented a workaround (unlocking the account every 12 min.) instead of having found the root cause of why the account gets locked while scanning. Did you investigate AD logs to search for the reasons why the account gets locked?