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Error 0x80041003 Windows Server

I am having problems adding three machines that are in DMZ and are not in domain.
I have disabled the Firewall, UAC, and checked that the remote/WMI service is running. At the communications level it is fully open with RN150.

At first I was getting NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED error, but by giving it permissions in CCOM, now the error I am getting is NT code 0x80041003 - NT code 0x80041003

Any idea?

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For WMI and NT status codes troubleshooting, please refer to Windows Collection Module Troubleshooting and for some codes, a WBEM test from another server and confirming that those WMI counters are available will offer insight into the issue.

Regarding the error NT code 0x80041003 - this indicates the service account does not have permission to connect WMI remotely. Please ensure the server is configured with proper WMI permissions for that service account.