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Instructions for Applying Burst Licenses on Your Assessment:

After completing the Discovery Scans, and confirming the devices you'd like to licensed for Performance Collection, below are the steps to apply 30 day Burst licenses:

  1. On the Collect Data > Licensing  page select the green “Start 30 Day Burst” button to enable Burst licenses included in your subscription. 
    1. Prior to selecting "Start 30 Day Burst" the Available License Count will only include Continuous Collection Licenses
    2. Note: Starting the Burst will start the 30-day timer for the entire Burst, not just the number of licenses applied 
  2. Select the check-box for the devices you’d like to license
    1. You can use the columns in the center table to filter to a subset of Discovered devices in-scope for licensing.  After filtering your list select the green “license all filtered devices” at the top of page.
    2. Note: If you are licensing only discovered "servers", use the filter for the Device Type column and filter for “server”.  This will filter the list down to Windows Servers, Virtual-Windows Server, Generic Servers, and Virtual-Generic servers. These device types represent servers (virtual or physical) that are accessible. 

                        Non-server Device Types are NOT accessible via the OS, netstat (dependency information) as well as OS level performance information will NOT be collected if these devices are licensed.

After licenses are applied Performance Collection will begin, next:

  1. Review the Collect Data > Summary of Collection page 24-48 hours after devices have been licensed
  2. If there are performance collection issues (red X’s), reference the Collection Validation steps in the Discovery Troubleshooting documentation

For advanced troubleshooting support, please open a ticket with the Technical Support team.

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