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Detailed info needed on Server to Server Connections

Hi Cloudscape Team,

I request you for a detailed answer and a document on Server to Server connections.

  • Does it mean the all servers appears connected to each other do belong to the same application?

- Subhankar

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By Level 5 Flexeran
Level 5 Flexeran

Connections between servers simply indicates there has been TCP communication between servers.  Generally speaking this could be representative of:

N-Tier application communication (same application).  (e.g. application server communicating to a database server)


Application A consuming services from Application B. (i.e. servers not part of the same application)


TCP communication data is collected using Netstat to build a profile of the systems' communication within the assessment.  The result is a dependency mapping of communication between servers.  Then automated logic is provided within Cloudscape to logically group servers in potential application groups.  Further, manual refinement (by environment SMEs) is then recommended to finalize and add context to the logical grouping of servers to applications groups.


Please review the following documentation for more details.