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RISC Assessment Data stays in the US??

Hi All, 

I am guessing based on the compliances in place that RISC assessment data is stored in the cloud in North America ? A customer just asked the question and I was hoping someone could confirm that the assessment data is indeed in the USA before it's deleted?

Thanks in advance!



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By Level 2 Flexeran
Level 2 Flexeran

For the SaaS based architecture, all assessment data is sent to Flexera's Secure Cloud Environment (SCE), which is hosted in the AWS - US Virginia region.  Data is also replicated to AWS US West for Disaster Recovery purposes. Raw customer assessment data is held in Flexera's  SCE for a period of up to 35 days past the subscription end date. Refer to the following URL for additional information around data handling and security.

Customers can also elect for an on-prem version of the solution. This is referred to as FlexDeploy. In this case, assessment data stay's on-prem and is subject to the customers data retention, decommissioning processes. Refer to the following URL for additional information on FlexDeploy. 

@donrosado can you please provide any documentation which supports the statements about Amazon AWS regions? The link you provided does not reference the AWS regions, and we need that additional detail documented for audit purposes.

None of our online documentation calls this out. We do have a populated CAIQ that states the following:

Do you have the capability to restrict the storage of customer data to specific countries or geographic locations?
Flexera Foundation/Cloudscape customer data is housed in Amazon Web Services (AWS) US-East region for all SaaS deployments.
The FlexDeploy Pod (FDP) on-premise option can be used to enforce data location requirements. With the FDP model, no data has to leave the customer's IT environment.
You can request a full copy of the CAIQ from your Channel Account Manager. If you are not sure who that is please reach out to me ( and I will direct you.