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Adding databases to RN150 in bulk.

Is there any sort of bulk add function when adding databases to the database module in the RN150? We have 100s of databases to add and doing that 1x1 would be a tad arduous. 

We created a service user for the RN150 to use to connect to these databases so all of them should have the same credentials, port, and type.  The only difference is the IP.

Is there anyway to provide like a list of IPs to the database module? Or are we stuck just going through and adding them individually? 

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Hi @joshkent - there is currently not a feature to add databases in bulk to the RN150, but I would encourage you to share this request on the Flexera Ideas site: 

Here, Ideas can be voted on by other users as well as submitted to the Flexera product management team for feedback and roadmap consideration.