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Flexera Alumni

You've probably been asked to write a review for many apps and products you've used. It can be overwhelming and sometimes irritating, especially when you're trying to get a specific task done. 

We understand the urge to bypass the review process by just hitting that "No Thanks" option. But we also know the importance reviews can play for someone who is looking for the best solution that works for them and their company.

Like many software companies, we'd like to claim our products are always perfect and the term "bug" isn't in our language. (After all, we are consistently ranked high in the Gartner Magic Quadrants Smiley Very Happy). But we live in the real world where things are constantly changing. And although we have some of the brightest software engineers across to globe, we know there's always room for improvement.

Instead of tooting our own horn, we want others to hear the good, the bad and, quite honestly, the ugly of what you think of our products. Your opinion matters to our teams, and we want that to shine through to help others make a decision. 

Reviewing our products is easy.

Gartner Peer Reviews

All responses are published anonymously by Gartner (no name or company name) on their Peer Insights website within a couple of weeks after submission. If you are not familiar with Peer Insights you can see it here.  Go to to begin your peer submission.

G2 Reviews

All you need to do is select your product from the list below, log into your LinkedIn account and enter your review. It only takes about five minutes!