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Blog posts from partners, community members and the Flexera team

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Using Flexera One Automation for FinOps at Flexera

  You may have heard of DevOps and may even practice it, but you may not have heard about FinOps. At least I had not until a little over a year ago when my manager asked if I would like to be the in...


Dealing with Chaos

A C4 Architecture Diagram Dealing with Chaos So you finally got to it, you kept your weekend schedule clear, woke up early and did that thing you have been putting off for too much time — dealing wit...


Organizing a large front-end project

Project organization is like a computer network: when done right, it gets out of the way and nobody notices it. But when done wrong, everyone suffers. If you’ve had the unfortunate experience of worki...


Thriving with deadlines

Yes, deadlines are a reality. Agile teams are no exception In modern English, the word deadline is used to refer to a date or time by which something must be accomplished. In the context of software p...


Infrastructure-Upgrade : Surprises & Lesson-Learnt

TL;DR: At one point in time, we have had a stable & working infrastructure to support our services. Having said that, it has been there for almost a year now, and we feel that it is the time to give t...


Lessons from an event-driven architecture

It is tempting. Why not load everything into a database or even into memory if it fits, process the data and store the complete result? It is simple, and quite fast considering how much data there was...


Tales from a centralized Architecture team

Earlier this year Engineering at Flexera embarked on a more focused journey to modernize and integrate our Architecture to enable the formation of a true integrated set of capabilities across our suit...


Our journey to a unified, React-powered front end

Anybody who's been working in front-end more than a month is aware of the breadth of frameworks and libraries out there. Like aspiring athletes, they compete for a chance to be in the spotlight and ho...


Carving out a module from the monolith

This is not going to be your typical abstract microservices article quoting some Martin Fowler. Rather, I'll try to walk you through some practical solutions around extracting one capability of "the M...


The Perfect Software Engineer

Arguably one of the most fun aspect of being a Software Engineer is the need for constant creativity. There are many ways to tackle a given problem with different trade-offs. Some trade-offs are perfo...


Waiting another day could kill your business

It is conventional wisdom that as you deliver software faster, the risk of a bad customer experience increases. There always seems to be a valid case to be made for one more day, one more week to make...


Announcing Goa v3.0.0

About: Goa is a open source project that enables developers to develop cloud services in the Go programming language using a unique design first approach. After more than 2 years of work and contribut...