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Organizing a large front-end project

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Project organization is like a computer network: when done right, it gets out of the way and nobody notices it. But when done wrong, everyone suffers. If you’ve had the unfortunate experience of working on a poorly organized project, you’ll understan...
by AndreRieussec Flexera Alumni

Thriving with deadlines

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Yes, deadlines are a reality. Agile teams are no exception In modern English, the word deadline is used to refer to a date or time by which something must be accomplished. In the context of software projects, the date or time could come from many sou...
by Flexera Rickie_Du Flexera

Lessons from an event-driven architecture

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It is tempting. Why not load everything into a database or even into memory if it fits, process the data and store the complete result? It is simple, and quite fast considering how much data there was to process. Now how does it scale? Well we can gi...
by Flexera RGilchrist Flexera

Tales from a centralized Architecture team

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Earlier this year Engineering at Flexera embarked on a more focused journey to modernize and integrate our Architecture to enable the formation of a true integrated set of capabilities across our suite of product offerings. We formed a central Archit...
by Flexera cball_2859 Flexera

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