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Building Your Personal Brand on Flexera’s Community – One User’s Advice and Insight

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Apologies for the length of time between posts; we’ve had a very busy and fruitful year here at Flexera. I cannot believe it’s already December and I’m already immersed in planning our 2020 sales kickoff. I wanted to share with you a video conversation I recently had with Larry Murphy, one of our customers and active community users, about how he uses our community to build and maintain his personal brand.

Larry believes that consistency and honesty are essential to building his brand, and as a marketer I couldn’t agree more. "Personal branding is super important to me,” he told me. “When I am posting, blogging or whatever I’m doing online, it represents who I am and not who I might be online. Building your brand is important because when you go in front of a lot of people, you're representing that person you are in person and online." 

He logs in each day to see if he can be of assistance to the larger community, acting on his belief that the more heads on a problem, the greater the perspective and the better the solution. "I am a firm believer in the community,” Larry said. “When it comes to software support, the more people you have on one problem, the better it will be." 

Finally, Larry enjoys the speed and quality of interaction on Flexera’s community. "Flexera has some fast responders,” he noted. “There are a few people that I wonder, how do they get there so fast?!" He’s also a cloud user of our software but loves to see the on-premises insights to see the different use cases and challenges to get perspective on whatever he’s trying to help solve.

Overall, Larry’s doing a great job of leveraging our community to develop his personal brand and I’m thankful for his thoughtful and consistent contributions to our community users. Enjoy the video conversation and have a great holiday season and happy new year!

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