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The Flexera Community is leveling up! We’re excited to announce the Flexera Community Champions Program, a superuser program designed to recognize and reward our community’s most valuable contributors. 


Your brilliant contributions are what make our community amazing. We are constantly impressed by how willing you are to connect with each other, share insights, and trust us and each other to create solutions. 

As with any community, there are some special members who go above and beyond in their pursuit of sharing and supporting others. That’s why we dreamed up the Flexera Champions Program -- to formally recognize and honor those folks for their time, effort, and expertise. 

What is a Flexera Community Champion?  

Flexera Community Champions are superusers in the community. Superusers are those who: 

  • Consistently make useful and helpful contributions to the community 
  • Demonstrate expertise related to domains that are relevant to Flexera’s customers  


What are the benefits of being a Flexera Community Champion?  

  • Exclusive Access to a private lounge in the community dedicated to Flexera Community Champions. Connect directly with fellow Champions and the Flexera Community team. 
  • Get a direct line to Flexera leaders from Support, Product Development, and more via Champion-only feedback sessions. 
  • Flare in recognition of your Champion status. Champions are recognized with a special rank and badge so they can be easily spotted in the community. Champions can wear the badge with pride and build their personal and corporate brands. 
  • Sweet swag! Champions are eligible to receive exclusive Flexera-branded swag. 


How can I be considered for the Community Champions program?  

We’re always on the lookout for Champions, and regularly review community activity from all users to identify candidates. You’re likely to be on our radar if: 

  • You’re posting something at least several times a month 
  • You’re posting answers that are getting accepted as solutions 

If, upon reviewing your activity in the community, we feel like you have what it takes to be a Champion then we’ll be in touch to invite you to join the program. 

What attributes make a great Flexera Champion?   

Attributes of Champions are visible in the way they engage in the community: 

Champions are Involved – You know that community is a powerful tool, and you love networking and interacting with others.  

Champions are Tempered – You can have a healthy discussion with another member and don’t blow up if things get a little heated. 

Champions are Advocates – You’re passionate about Flexera, Flexera’s solutions, and the business domains we work in.  

In addition, Champions model Flexera’s values of how we roll: 

Candor – We’re direct, we’re open, and we hold each other accountable. 

Passion – We inspire with our curiosity, love of learning, relentless focus and integrity.  

Professionalism – We strive to improve, add skills, and hold ourselves to the highest ethics. 

Keep Score – We measure our successes, learn from our failures and are accountable. 

Celebrate Success  We recognize people who do extraordinary things. 

Give Back – We seek to have a charitable impact at the local, regional, and national levels. 


How much of a commitment is it for someone to be in the program?  

We’d love it if you contributed regularly in the Flexera Community, but we also understand that sometimes you need to take a break, and that’s okay. This shouldn’t be your second full-time job, but a hobby you enjoy in your free time.  


I have more questions you didn’t answer.  

Leave a comment down below, we’ll answer any questions you have about the program!