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SaaS Manager integration to SalesForce sfdc

Has anyone in the community successfully integrated SaaS Manager with SalesForce sdfc? 


If so, are you able to share the details on what is needed on the SFDC side? The docs point to a regular user with access to API. Is this correct in practice? Does the integration user still require admin for the initial configuration as indicated in a 2020 release note? 

I am looking for explicit instructions to provide our SFDC admins.

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Hi @rwiltshire,

Looking at the documentation here:,User%20Role,-To%20grant%20the

Only a standard user is required to achieve most of the functionality however if you wish to make use of license reclamation then a user with administrator authority would be required. As per the note mentioned in the above documentation, if you don't wish to use System Administrator User role for the integration user account then Salesforce provides instructions on how you can setup a secure user for API access here:

Hopefully that helps?