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SaaS Manager and ServiceNow

Hi there,

We're currently a cloud FNMS customer and are running a business case of managing SaaS products using ServiceNow as an example.

The FlexNet agent returns nothing on ServiceNow so the current return on investment for this vendor is very low. Is there any documentation on how ServiceNow is supported in SaaS Manager, and what tangible benefits this would bring?


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Hi @mark_robinson . Documentation on SaaS Manager's ServiceNow integration can be found here

We are currently look at ways to enhance this. Because ServiceNow charges more for certain roles, one enhancement we are researching is role data. If you have any use cases to share with us about managing ServiceNow, we would love to hear from you!

The particular use case is trying to manage ServiceNow in FNMS without SaaS Manager implemented.

Is this a worthwhile exercise or does it require SaaS Manager?