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Is there a particular reason that evidence from a SWIDTAG isn't combined with installer evidence to cut down on the amount of multiple applications showing installed on a device? As an example, DWG TrueView 2024 is from the installer evidence whereas the unspecified version is from the SWIDTAG. Why not have them combined together as opposed to separate? We have a number of applications like this and it doesn't make sense to show them separately when they are in fact the same application.



Screenshot 2024-05-02 172127.png

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Community Manager

I'm not familiar with the particular software you're referencing there so can't directly comment on whether it would be possible in the real world to have an installation of the "Unspecified" version on a computer alongside an installation of the "2024" version, or whether these would always represent the same installation.

However in a situation where you believe that all installations of the "Unspecified" version application should be hidden if the "specified" version is also identified as installed then you could reach out to Flexera Support with details to have the Flexera Data Intelligence (Content) team consider whether it would be appropriate to configure precedence rules between these applications. The team are always keen to have this kind of feedback to help improve the rules that are in the ARL.

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