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Replicating Flexera One Data between organizations

I am being asked to figure out how to replicate data from one Flexera One org (prod) to another Flexera One org (Stage/dev). Is there a process for this on the backend? It's probably not feasible to export a very large amount of data from the portal UI itself.  So, the assumption is that this would be a backend process. Would there also be ways to exclude data specific to a particular org such as configurations, saas configurations, Intergrations, beacon configurations, etc?

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By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

There is currently no process to replicate data en masse from one Flexera One org to another.

Depending on the specific type of data you are seeking to replicate, you may be able to find different ways of dealing with it. For example:

  • For data imported from 3rd party/external sources: connect up both Flexera One orgs to the same sources.
  • For ITAM data that can be imported using business adapters, you could consider exporting relevant data into files, and configuring business adapters to import the data into another org. This might involve quite a bit of effort though, so whether it is worth doing will depend on what is driving the need here.
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