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Oracle License issues

Has anyone else noticed an issue with Oracle licensing going out of compliance for no particular reason? We have been using a third-party provide to manage our Oracle licenses and recently everything is going out of compliance (exponentially). And before you say it is the provider, they are the best in the industry, and they are baffled. I'm going to open a case, but I just wonder if anyone else has experienced this recently. They said that random applications are being counted as evidence for the licenses that has nothing to do with the licenses, and are not even Oracle applications.

WebCenter Portal - went from compliant at 4 to now consuming 1,486
WebLogic Suite - went from compliant at 4 to now consuming 550

Erick Hacking, CSAM, CHAMP
IT Software Asset Manager, Lead Sr.
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Community Manager

I haven't heard of any general issues like this affecting multiple environments.

I assume that at least the "random applications" you're seeing are linked in some way to the license record(s) in question - either directly, or through upgrade/downgrade rights. So if these applications are indeed not related to to the license, a starting point would be to get them unlinked. It would be an interesting question to ask how/why these applications might have got linked in the first place, although I'm not sure how easy that will be to answer retrospectively. Check the "History" tab on the license record, but it may not show all application link/unlink operations.

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