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Oracle Java Subscription - Effective License Positions

New FlexeraOne customer with the task of identifying and associating applications to Oracle Java SE Subscription licenses to desktop (named user) licenses and server processor licenses. Has anyone had success applying allocations (by OS or device) within Flexera? It would be great to collaborate on possible solutions to set up Flexera to accurately calculate and reflect desktop (named user) license positions and server processor license positions.

Brian DeToto
IT Asset Management & Governance
Cardinal Health, Dublin OH
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By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

I see nobody has replied to this, so I'll take a shot.

I may not be fully following the nuances of everything you're asking or thinking through, but if you want an Oracle Named User Plus (NUP) license to cover installations of Oracle software on a particular device then that device must be allocated to the license. Without an allocation, the system will look for other types of licenses to cover the installations. NUP licenses will not be consumed without an allocation.

The process of allocation here can be pretty manual, or possibly automated in some way with a business adapter. The process would need to involve finding devices that have a commercial installation of Java, and then allocate each device to a Desktop or Server license based on the OS.

There are some ideas that (if/when implemented) could help here. Please add your vote to these if they would be useful to you:

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By Level 8 Champion
Level 8 Champion

To get some automation into the allocations you can configure the license container for Java SE Desktop with metric User, and the Java SE as Oracle Processor. With this you only need to allocate servers to the Java SE container, that you detect in the Desktop container. Otherwise you need to built a business adapter