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About SQLServer2005 Mangement Studio Inventory

I have SQLServer2005 Mangement Studio (not a paid feature) installed on my server.
However, the following screen appears in the inventory information and the application is recognized as a Commercial product.
Is there a reason for this, and if anyone knows how to prevent the application from being recognized as a Commercial product, I would appreciate your advice.

If this is not the kind of question you want to ask here in the Community, please forgive me.


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The "SQL Server (Unknown component)" application is recognized as installed when there is a software package installed that just has an unspecific name like "SQL Server". Older versions of SQL Server Management Studio behave like this (as you are seeing), but this package name could also indicate some other SQL Server-related component is installed. Unfortunately the name these packages use for itself when they gets installed are not specific about exactly that SQL Server-related component they are from.

In the absence of enough information to know exactly what component has been installed, the classification of the application record in the ARL is conservatively set to "Commercial" as it could represent an installation of some SQL Server-related package is does require a license.

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Thank you for your advice.
I understand the contents.
In the event of an actual audit, we would have to prove that the server tool (paid tool) is not included.


You may want to refer to this thread: SQL Server Database Engine Services where a similar use case is currently being discussed...

Which data source collected provided the inventory that resulted in "SQL Server (Unknown component) 2005" getting reported in your situation?


The article that you suggested to refer to says that SQL Server Integration Services is a paid product, and we have confirmed this with our supplier. Integration Services is also listed as "SQL Server Integration Services" in the inventory application name in FLEXERA's inventory information, and is recognized as a part of any of the SQLStandard Edition, Enterprise Edition or Deveroper Edition products.

Therefore, it is different from "ManagementStudio (free tool)" in terms of positioning.


I understand, please would you provide the inventory data source (FlexNet Inventory, SCCM, etc.) that collected the provided evidence that resulted in "SQL Server (Unknown component) 2005" getting reported in your situation?

If you're going to supply screen shots with this info, please make sure to hide any details that references names you cannot expose publicly.


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