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By Level 8 Flexeran
Level 8 Flexeran

The Flexera One integration with Salesforce offers a License Information integration task that automatically retrieves the Salesforce license name and total allowed number of licenses. This retrieved Salesforce license information automatically populates the Salesforce Licenses Tab in Flexera One. This auto-populated Salesforce license information provides a more complete view of your Salesforce entitlements by displaying user licenses and permission set licenses.

IMPORTANT: If you enable the License Information integration task, note the following:

  • The managed application's license information you previously entered in the Licenses Tab will be overwritten with the data ingested from Salesforce.
  • You need to enter and keep up to date the following Licenses Tab information. The License Information integration task does not pull in this information. The SaaS application’s annual spend calculation relies on entered and accurate license effective and ending dates.
    • # of Items Allowed (Manual entry is required only for feature set licenses.)
    • Amount
    • Currency
    • Effective Date
    • Ending Date
    • Payment Frequency
  • When the License Information integration task first discovers an active subscription, it will default the effective date to its discovery date and it will have an empty end date. As a result, the license term is effective and will not expire.
  • When the License Information integration task is disabled, the managed application's license information will be reverted back to what it was prior to the License Information integration task being enabled. As a result, your previously manually entered license information will appear in the Licenses Tab.
  • When the License Information integration task is re-enabled, the last automatic-captured license data that was available before disabling the License Information integration task will appear in the Licenses Tab.

To auto-populate Salesforce license information:

  1. From the SaaS menu, click Managed SaaS Applications. The Managed SaaS Applications screen appears.
  2. For a new Salesforce integration, add the Salesforce application. Refer to Adding an Application. The License Information integration task is selected by default.
  3. For an existing Salesforce integration:
    • On the Managed SaaS Applications screen, select the appropriate Salesforce instance link.
    • Navigate to the Salesforce Application Details screen and select the Integration tab.
    • In the Integration Tasks table, click Disabled in the Action column to enable the License Information task.
    • Click OK.

Benefits of Enabling the License Information Integration Task

When the License Information integration task is enabled in Flexera One:

  • License type, Name, and # of Items Allowed (except for feature set licenses) fields in the Salesforce Licenses Tab are disabled as this information is automatically populated.
  • Active and inactive ingested license data from Salesforce can be compared against the total, used, and remaining user licenses and permission set licenses listed in the Salesforce user interface.
  • Assigned license count from the Salesforce UI matches the users’ count in the Salesforce Activity Tab for each active user license, permission set license, and feature set license configured under their respective SKUs.
  • Salesforce Activity Tab and Users Tab do not include disabled users to help narrow the focus on user activity.
  • Salesforce Activity Tab does not include a user’s disabled permission set licenses or feature set licenses to help narrow the focus on license use.
  • Salesforce Activity Tab only displays records for licenses configured in SKUs. The License column of the Salesforce Users Tab displays only the SKU-configured licenses.

Information Stored

The License Information integration task stores the following information:

  • Unique ID
  • License Name
  • License Key
  • Purchased Quantity

License Information API Endpoint


Application Task Tracking

Salesforce was added to the License Information column in the Application Task Tracking chart.

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