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License usage Reporting Requirements - ideas how how to trigger? (Not IBM)

There are a lot of products where we enter into licensing agreements and they require certain reporting requirements back to the vendor/publisher on various basis (quarterly, annually, bi-annually). What are some ideas on how to configure the license records or contract records on how to trigger an alert that this requirement is coming up on X-date for a certain license?

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You could make use of Flexera One Automation to schedule execution of reports with the frequency required


You can also use the PowerShell examples provided in this community to make use of Flexera One's REST API's to execute reports with a given frequency, e.g. you may want to refer to The New Generic ITAM REST API for querying any web report is available! A PowerShell example. or Example for querying the new License Consumption (& Charge Back) REST API as your outset.

Other forum members may have better examples?