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License & Maintenance Expiry

Are there are plans to make the built in License & Maintenance Expiry report less restrictive? Currently the maximum amount of time you can view in advance is 90 days. This report in general is super useful in terms of the data it can provide to support upcoming renewals, but restricting it to a maximum of 90 days is somewhat bizarre. We have some large contracts we start reviewing 6 months in advance of renewal, and not been able to see them in Flexera in the way we would like to doesn't work for us. I can't see any obvious settings I can change. If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be really helpful as we don't want to be navigating multiple different screens to get the information.

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By Technical Writer
Technical Writer

You can use the report builder. Start with the Contract object and use the End Date field or start with the License object and use the Expiry Date field.