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Identifying changes to license consumption

Is there a way to be notified or easily identify if any additional devices begin to consume entitlements from a license?

If a license has thousands of devices consuming entitlements from it, I am finding it challenging trying to identify what are the new devices versus what devices are already "permitted or authorized".  I want to be able to easily identify when a new install is detected and begins consuming from a license.

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This isn't as easy as it may sound because of the many-to-many relationships involved between licenses, applications (governed by licenses) and devices (on which the applications get installed/uninstalled on/from).

The Applications tab of a license shows which applications (versions and editions) are covered by a license (Acrobat XI being used as an example in below screen shots):


For each of these applications you would then have to check its History tab for link/unlink messages:


Now obviously depending on how many applications are linked to the license it may or may not be doable in practice,

And obviously this is a task that you would potentially also automate through a policy provided that all required information is exposed through an API.

Now returning to your actual use case (behind the technical need), exactly what's the underlying business reasons why this is important for you to track? Would it make more sense to check/validate through the request and deployment process?


The use case is more of a validation and auditing function. Once the initial phase and happy path of requesting and deployment is made, I am wanting to validate it is deployed as expected and not have to review that validation each time when I look at the consumption tab. There are also other scenarios where a customer may not be aware they have made a change that impacted license entitlements, such as a new server being added to a cluster and therefore consuming additional entitlements. How does one easily identify a new server being added to a virtual environment?

The only field I could find that may be able to satisfy what I am looking for is the "Allocation type". It would allow me to easily filter the consumption list to identify new installs that have not been previously validated (allocated). The downside of using that field that I can see is if the application is uninstalled, the device remains allocated (does not consume entitlements) and has to be manually unallocated.

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Doing something like this directly within the tool is probably not possible. I've built an API based solution that retrieves device consumption data every day and imports it into a MySQL instance. It compares it with the data from the previous day/week/month to identify deltas and it's synced to a PowerBI instance for dashboard reporting and notifications