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Delete vs Ignored - Best Practice?

What is the best practice for the STATUS field of devices that are no longer in our environment or have been upgraded and have new entries in ITAM (from a new Serial No. for example)?  Is it best to DELETE the old device records or mark the status= I...

Agent Version- OS Version Compatibility Matrix

Hi Forum, Do we have any document which gives a view of Agent versions that are compatible with OS version.(Something like this)Agent versionOperating System  Version18.7Windows 2019,2022, RHEL18.5Windows 2023,2016,2022 

ReshmaB by Level 6
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Solved Vmware Vcenter- VMwareInfrastructureLoginFailed

Hi All,Can anyone please tell me why I'm getting below mentioned error for vmware inventory."Contacted the VMware Infrastructure server but failed to login. The problem is probably related to access credentials., Type: VirtualInventory, Result: Faile...

Exporting Software Contracts to ServiceNow

Can someone please provide some guidance around how to link contracts to software applications and export them to ServiceNow? A customer is having trouble doing this; their challenge is described below.  Challenge:  In the integration with ServiceNow...

Solved ServiceNow Mid Server and Beacon application on Same VM ?

Hi Forum,Our ServiceNow Team wants to use Our VM (which has Beacon application installed )for their Mid server Discovery and inventory.Does anyone has came across this situation? Is it recommended to use same VM as Mid server and Beacon server? Will ...

ReshmaB by Level 6
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Solved Asset Status controlling Inventory Status

I know that a change to a hardware asset status that is linked to an inventory can trigger a change in the inventory status.  For example if an asset is retired, then its inventory is automatically unlinked and archived.  However, I recently tested t...

despain by Level 3
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