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Consumed entitlement


I would like to understand why entitlements on Licence properties tab include inactive users while when i click on consumption tab for the same licence it tells me the licence is not being allocated to inactive users and the consumption count is different. 



thank you 


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@SoniaBarker - It would be helpful if you could include some screen images of the scenario you are trying to describe.

@kclausen i have a licence configured and applied. The consumption on Compliance tab for this licence is different from Consumption on Consumption tab. The difference seems to be the Compliance tab is calculating the inactive users which are stated as consuming 0 on the Consumption tab. Not sure how i can screen shot this in a way to not share data but i will try my best

What version of FNMS do you have?  I do know that if you have a User or Named User license and have a user with a status of "Inactive" it will not consume against the license.  When you see the license on the All Licenses view, what does the consumption show?

HI kclausen,

it is also showing the higher number. I am on Flexera One. 


thank you