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Flexera ONE ITAM Slowness


Is anyone else experiencing slowness in IT Asset Management? Most days when we log in, we are presented with the message that IT Asset Management is taking longer than usual. Navigating around the system or carrying out simple tasks seems to take a while. I though this might be related to our instance only, but when I had IT Asset Management instructor led training delivered by Flexera, we also observed the same behaviour on their own instances, with the trainer apologising several times. Also, when we are in the middle of completing certain tasks, IT Asset Management likes to randomly refresh itself, kicking us out of the screen we were working in. It is becoming increasingly frustrating for us. I will log a support ticket, but before I do that, I am curious to understand if anyone else has experienced this, and if you logged a ticket, what the outcome was please.

Thank you

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Yes. It has been an issue for at least the past 3 years.  Flexera was supposed to have a Tiger team created to address the issue some time ago but the issue still persists.

Hi @mdh33955 We made significant improvements last year and earlier this year in Q2 without losing any automation, we continuously watch Flexera One to make sure it is performing to provide the optimal user experience. Please do reach out to support and we can discuss any specific concerns to have better understanding and see what else can be done. We treat Flexera One user experience a top priority!

Thank you.

Hi @RWG2022, Thanks for the feedback, please log a support case we will investigate this as priority. Thank You 

Hi, Thank you I will log a ticket.