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Adding A New Publisher


New to Flexera and need to know what to do when a publisher is not in FlexNet One library of publishers?
Do they need to be added by Flexera in order to properly track or can I add a publisher?


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Community Manager

I am guessing from your description here that you are referring to the application recognition library (ARL) used in Flexera One ITAM, and looking for applications from a particular publisher that you're working with. (You might also be referring to looking for details related to particular publishers in the Technopedia library or the SKU/PURL library - in which case the following comments won't quite hit the mark.)

There are a couple of options here for extending the ARL with new rules to recognize installations of additional applications:

  1. Send unrecognized evidence gathered from your computers that is related to the applications you are working with to Flexera so they can add ARL rules to recognize that evidence. You can filter data in the grids available through the Applications & Evidence > Unrecognized Evidence menu option to find relevant evidence to send. The general process is described here: How to Suggest Changes to the ARL SKU Library or PURL?

  2. Alternatively, you can add applications and evidence recognition rules yourself to your private ARL. A good place in the UI to start doing this is to look for evidence related to the applications under the Applications & Evidence > Unrecognized Evidence menu option, and create application records associated with unrecognized evidence that you're interested in tracking.

    Adding applications and recognition rules yourself would be appropriate if (for example) you didn't want to go through the process of sharing evidence data with Flexera, or were needing to recognize installations of bespoke applications.

If you cannot find any evidence in the system related to the applications you are working with, that suggests that the inventory source(s) you are working with are not gathering any details of installation footprint of these applications, or details that are gathered are not being imported for some reason. There's a wide range of possible reasons why that might occur: it could be anything from the applications not having installation evidence that your inventory tools pick up, through to the computers the applications are installed on not having inventory being gathered from them.

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hello Chris, 
Thank you for your reply! I appreciate the info about applications which may come in handy soon but for now, I actually need to know if I can add a publisher to Flexera One or if I have to submit a ticket for Flexera to add it to a library of publishers for me?  (if that's how that works, I don't know; Mew, here). I literally am not seeing a publisher in our Flexera One for a purchase that I'm entering. 

Yes - you need to submit a ticket to Flexera to have their team add the application or publisher. You will need to provide some unrecognized evidence to them in the ticket 

I don't think I understand what you're trying to do here sorry. Can you elaborate on what you mean by "add a publisher"? A screenshot of where you're running into trouble may help.

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You can add them. You need to have the proper access to do this, so if you can't, then your Flexera admin probably can.

On the left hand nav, go to:

  1. Procurement
  2. All Vendors
  3. Create a Vendor (button in the top right)
  4. Fill out the form.
  5. Create

You should then see this Publisher in your other contract, purchase & license fields I assume you're looking to populate.