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How to track and Manage SCCM Server Datacenter Licenses in FNMS if they are not discoverable in Installed Applications?

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@PiyushK1311 - Can you provide some details of what Applications you are expecting to see as Installed?

Have you checked your Unrecognized Evidence table yet? You may have evidence for the expected application installs sitting there that needs to be connected to application records. Then, a reconciliation would need to be run for the installations to report against the Application records.

  1. Go to Applications & Evidence
  2. Go to Unrecognized Evidence
  3. turn the list filters on
  4. perform multiple searches on publisher name/installer name etc. to locate possible bits.
  5. if found, use the checkbox to select the desired items, then
  6. hit the Assign button in the top right
  7. a wizard will appear, search for the application by name version and edition that you'd like to link the evidence to.