ServiceNow and ServiceNow OAuth2 License Differentiation

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Level 7 Flexeran
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The following ServiceNow and ServiceNow OAuth2 integration instruction sections were updated to reflect the new ServiceNow and ServiceNow OAuth2 license differentiation feature.

  • Information Stored
  • Minimum Permissions Required
  • Credentials Required
  • License Types
  • License Differentiation
  • Integrating ServiceNow and ServiceNow OAuth2 with SaaS Management
  • Application Roster and Application Access API Endpoints
  • Application Task Tracking

Information Stored

The ServiceNow and ServiceNow OAuth2 Application Roster integration task pulls in the ServiceNow and ServiceNow OAuth2 Fulfiller and Approver roles.

Minimum Permissions Required

user_admin role for ServiceNow and ServiceNow OAuth2

The user_admin role is required for retrieving the ServiceNow users, activities details, and for user license management in the reclamation task. For details, refer to the Base System Roles section of the ServiceNow product documentation.

NOTE: For an existing Flexera One integration with ServiceNow added using rest-api_explorer permissions, you are required to re-authorize the integration with the user_admin permission as the new ServiceNow APIs require user_admin permissions.

Administrator role for ServiceNow OAuth2

This role is required to register the Client Application and to generate the Client ID and Client Secret in ServiceNow.

Credentials Required

The Flexera One Administer SaaS role or the Manage SaaS applications & users role is required to enter information in the ServiceNow and Service Now OAuth2 integration fields: Specific Fulfiller Roles and Specify Approver Roles.

License Types

ServiceNow offers three types of licenses: Requester, Approver, and Fulfiller. The following table lists the ServiceNow license types displayed in the Activity tab.

ServiceNow License Types Displayed in the Activity Tab



These end users access the instance through an employee self-service portal. Requesters have no associated roles.

NOTE: Since Requesters are free users, SaaS Management does not pull in these users.

Approver These end users view or modify requests directed to the approver. Approvers can have the approver_user role. The Approver license type has an average cost per user.
Fulfiller These end users access all functionality based on assigned roles. A popular fulfiller role is itil. The Fulfiller license type is the most expensive.

License Differentiation

SaaS Management offers a license differentiation feature that allows you to view users by license type. To view this license differentiation feature, navigate to the Activity tab of the ServiceNow or ServiceNow OAuth2 App Details screen where you can filter and export the ServiceNow and ServiceNow OAuth2 license types.

The total spend for the billable ServiceNow accounts displayed in the ServiceNow or ServiceNow OAuth2 App Details screen is based on the ServiceNow license cost details entered in the License Details tab. For details, refer to Entering license details for license differentiation.

Integrating ServiceNow and ServiceNow OAuth2 with SaaS Management

Details for viewing specific ServiceNow and ServiceNow OAuth2 Approver and Fulfiller assigned users can be found in the “Integrating with SaaS Management” section of the ServiceNow and ServiceNow OAuth2 integration instructions.

After successfully integrating with SaaS Management, the ServiceNow and ServiceNow OAuth2 Fulfiller and Approver license types display:

  • In the Users tab in the Licenses column.
  • In the Activity tab in the License Type column.

Application Roster and Application Access API Endpoints

The following API endpoints were updated:

  • https://<<instance>>
  • https://<<instance>>

Application Task Tracking

License Differentiation has been added to ServiceNow and ServiceNow OAuth2 in the Application Task Tracking chart.

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