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Dear Valued Flexera Customer, 


We want to share some important information regarding Flexera’s IT Visibility integration with the latest ServiceNow platform release, Washington DC. As with any product that offers a wide range of integrations like ServiceNow, Flexera recommends following best practices including making sure you are on compatible versions of integration technologies prior to upgrading and testing in pre-production environments.   


Flexera’s ServiceNow integration aligns to ServiceNow’s common services data model (CSDM) and adheres to ServiceNow’s prescribed integration technology.  To ensure a seamless experience with the Flexera One IT Visibility integration to ServiceNow Washington DC, we recommend thoroughly testing the integration in a non-production environment before upgrading your ServiceNow instance to the Washington DC release.    


Key Considerations: 

  • Flexera Integration Release 1.2 or Higher: If you are running Flexera Integration release 1.2 or a later version, your integration should be fully compatible with the Washington DC release. Flexera conducted extensive integration testing and the integration is already being used successfully in multiple environments. 
  • Earlier Flexera Integration Releases: If you are running an earlier version of the Flexera Integration, we recommend upgrading Flexera Integration 1.2 or higher before upgrading to ServiceNow Washington DC. 
  • Installing the Integration on Washington DC: If you do not have Flexera Integration installed and wish to install it on an existing Washington DC instance, Flexera can provide an XML version of the application for installation in a sub-production environment, but we do not recommend using it in production yet. Please note that installing the XML version will prevent you from installing or upgrading from the official app store version. 
  • Flexera Integration Release 1.3: Flexera submitted version 1.3 of the integration for certification with the ServiceNow app store. While we expect it to be certified by the end of Q2, we do not have a definitive timeline on the certification. 
  • New Features in Flexera Integration Release 1.3: exciting new features are contained in this release including hardware specification support, serial number type support, and a new data quality insight feature to help analyze dataset behavior with IRE (Identification and Reconciliation Engine). 

Next Steps: 

  1. Test: If you plan to upgrade to ServiceNow Washington DC, please thoroughly test the Flexera IT Visibility integration in a non-production environment. 
  1. Upgrade: If running an older version of the Flexera Integration, please upgrade to 1.2 or higher before upgrading to Washington DC. 
  1. Stay Tuned: We will provide further updates regarding the certification of Flexera Integration 1.3 and its new features as they become available. 



We are committed to ensuring our customers a smooth and successful integration experience. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our support team. 


Thank you for your continued partnership. For further detail on Flexera Integrations with ServiceNow, visit the Flexera ServiceNow Apps page



Clayton Starko 

Global Lead, Solutions Architecture and Advisory 

ServiceNow & ITAM 

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