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By Level 8 Flexeran
Level 8 Flexeran

Flexera One’s SaaS Management offers Power BI extensible reporting for Microsoft 365. New insights for analyzing Microsoft 365 cost analysis and downgrading Microsoft 365 user licenses are now available and are described in the following table. While these insights will not be available within the SaaS Management user interface until the third quarter of 2023, you can use Power BI reporting to utilize these insights now. For further information, refer to the Microsoft 365 Power BI Reporting for Flexera One's SaaS Management Knowledge Base article.

Important • Note the following:

  • For existing Microsoft 365 integrations with SaaS Management, you need to reauthorize the integration by granting the additional UserAuthenticationMethod.Read.All permission to retrieve the multifactor authentication details for Power BI extensible reporting.
  • When the AuditLog.Read.All permission is not granted for SaaS Management’s Microsoft 365 Certificate Based Authentication and Microsoft 365 Client Credentials integrations:
    • The Application Roster integration task will not fail, rather it will skip the Last Sign In and retrieve the remaining Application Roster fields.
    • The Application Access integration task will not fail, rather it will skip the activities for the Dynamics 365, Power BI, Project, and Visio applications and retrieve the activities for the remaining Microsoft 365 applications.


Power BI Extensible Reporting Insight for Microsoft 365 Description
Blocked Credentials

Determines whether users’ Microsoft 365 credentials are blocked are not.

Users with blocked credentials cannot access their Microsoft 365 account, which limits their account activity. Limited account activity due to blocked credentials may inaccurately reflect license downgrading or license reclamation opportunities.

Last Sign In

Tracks the last time users signed in to their Microsoft 365 account and reports the last activity within user accounts.

Infrequent user sign ins may provide license downgrading or license reclamation opportunities.

Last Used M365 Application

Indicates the Microsoft 365 application that was last used by the user. This application is based on the user activities retrieved by the Microsoft 365 integration with SaaS Management. 

If users are not using a more expensive application within a Microsoft 365 license, there may be opportunities to downgrade user licenses. 

Multifactor Authentication

Confirms whether users have turned on multifactor authentication for their Microsoft 365 account.

Previously, SaaS Management considered users signing in with multifactor authentication as never active and potential candidates for having their Microsoft 365 licenses reclaimed.

Users signing in to their Microsoft 365 account with multifactor authentication or single sign-on (SSO) should not have their licenses reclaimed.


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