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By providing a single integration to your Microsoft 365 subscription that includes Office 365, Dynamics 365, Power BI, Project and Visio, Flexera One's SaaS Management enables the Software Asset Manager with the detail required when looking to optimize their Microsoft 365 spend across the organization. 

To further enhance our capabilities, we have developed a Microsoft Power BI report that provides even more detailed lenses into your Microsoft 365 (M365) position. 

The report, which uses the SaaS Management APIs, has been developed in partnership with our customers and product team to ensure that it provides the insights that enable improved governance and license management processes for complex M365 environments.

In addition, the Microsoft Power BI report offers a mechanism to provide M365 insights to those within your organization who do not use Flexera One's SaaS Management.

Power BI Report Setup

The report, which is attached to this article as a Power BI Template (PBIT), can be easily configured by providing:

  • refresh token obtained from your Flexera One org. Details on how to generate a refresh token to work with the Flexera One API can be found in the Flexera One help topic Generating a Refresh Token.
  • The location of your Flexera One org using the following options: North America (NA), Europe (EU), or APAC (AU).
  • Your Flexera One Org ID, which is a numeric identifier contained within the URL of your org.
  • The managed application ID for the M365 managed application you wish to report on. This is also contained within the URL when you are viewing your M365 managed application within SaaS Management. As an example, when you are viewing the Overview tab of a M365 managed application in SaaS Manager, your URL will be in the following format: 
  •  SaaS Management URL Information Needed for Power BI Reporting - from the example

Flexera Org ID 99999

Managed Application ID  987564

  • The report provides an overtime tracking of available licenses, active, inactive, and never active users and as such requires a date from when this should commence. After you set up your M365 managed application in SaaS Management, you will see the tracking in the Integration tab. Enter this date in the following format dd/mm/yyyy. For example, if your M365 managed application was set up on the 27th of February 2023, you will enter 02/27/2023.

    When opening the PBIT file, you will be prompted for these values. For further details, see the following screenshot. After entering these values, your Power BI report will retrieve the data relating to the M365 managed application you have supplied. 


    Note: Depending upon the size of your user and activity data, the report may take some time to load.

    You may also see the following message, which can be dismissed using the Discard Changes option.


    Test Mode

    This has been added to allow you to be able to quickly load the report into the desktop designer. Setting this option to "Yes" will only import a subset of users. When you publish the report to the Power BI service, you can change this parameter to "No" and all users within your M365 instance will be imported.

    Once you have configured the report, you can then publish it to your Power BI service, allowing the report to be shared within your organization. You can also set a refresh schedule ensuring that the data you see within your report is up to date.

    Legal Information

    Reports are provided on an "as is" basis. Neither Flexera nor its suppliers make any warranties, express or implied, statutory or otherwise, including but not limited to warranties of merchantability, title, fitness for a particular purpose, or noninfringement. You shall be responsible for the procurement of any third-party license rights necessary to use the Reports, including without limitation appropriate Power BI license rights. For the avoidance of doubt, Flexera shall retain ownership of all rights, entitlement, and interest in and to the Reports. Reports shall be deemed Confidential Information of Flexera and shall not be used by or disclosed to any third parties except as necessary to use the Reports in conjunction with your current license grant for SaaS Management. 


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Thank you team.  Can you confirm if this works within the Microsoft Power BI service as a published report?

By Technical Writer
Technical Writer

Hi @Nico_Erasmus  - yes this can be published to the PBI service.


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