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  • Author: Nicolas Rousseau
  • Author Email Address:
  • Solution Type: Custom Report
  • Flexera Product & Version: FlexNet  Manager 2016-2020R1
  • Environment: On Premise Only
  • Development Effort (Days): 2
  • Implementation Effort (Days): 0.1
  • Disclaimer: Read Disclaimer


Create custom views for virtualization discovery and inventory.


The two views described in this document aim providing more visibility into virtualized infrastructures, particularly clusters.

  • A first Virtualization Discovery details provides information on Hypervisors (vCenters, HyperV, Oracle VMs hosts, ESX servers) that have been discovered online by the beacons

  • A second view deep dives into vCenter inventory: list of vCenters (not visible in FNMS), Clusters, Hosts and Virtual Machines, including the virtual machines not inventoried by FNMS (that are not visible in FNMS UI).

To create the report in a multi tenant environment, use the SetTenantID store procedure before the report creation section, for instance


EXEC SettenantID @TenantID = 2
DECLARE @ViewName nvarchar(64), @tenant int
SET @ViewName = 'Virtualization Overview incl. vCenters (NR)' -- Unique Name you want to display for object
SET @tenant = 2                     -- Tenant for which this view applies
EXEC ComplianceCustomViewRegister
       @TenantID = 2,
       @ComplianceSavedSearchSystemID = NULL,
       @SearchName = @ViewName,
       @SearchNameResourceName = NULL,
       @Description = '(v7) This view catches all, particularily VMs inventoried by vCenter but not by an inventory tool (SCCM, FNIM...), with their hosts, clusters and vCenters',
       @DescriptionResourceName = NULL,
       @SearchGridLayout = NULL,
       @SearchXML = NULL,
       @SearchSQL = 'EXEC dbo.nr_VirtualInfraInclMissingVMsAndvCentersCustView',
       @SearchSQLConnection = 'Live',
       @SearchMapping = NULL,
       @ComplianceSearchType = 'Custom',
       @ComplianceSearchFolderSystemID = -17,
       @CanDelete = 1,
       @CanChangeMasterObject = 0

  • VirtualizationInclvCenters.png


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Level 2


we run the script on the sql server. Where can I find the "Virtualization Overview incl. vCenters (NR)" view (second view).

Kind Regards



Flexera Alumni

Looking at the SQL, it should be creating both reports at the top level of the Report Structure.

Level 7

Hi @kclausen,

the scripts are working fine for an existing folder.

Now I have created a new folder :
Reports ► Discovery and Inventory ► Virtualization Discovery and Inventory
and checkeed the database for the ComplianceSearchFolderSystemID
of the new folder. But ComplianceSearchFolderSystemID = NULL.

Where I can find the ComplianceSearchFolderSystemID of the new folder
'Virtualization Discovery and Inventory' ?

Best regards

Flexera Alumni


Try the following SQL:


select * from ComplianceSearchFolder
where name like '%virtual discovery and inventory%'

Level 7

yes, I have used it on our multi-tenant system and found: ComplianceSearchFolderSystemID = NULL

Here my query, it shows me also the 'root' folder:

SELECT * FROM [FNMSCompliance].[dbo].[ComplianceSearchFolder_MT]
WHERE TenantID = '2' and
ComplianceSearchFolderSystemID = '-17' or Name = 'Virtualization Discovery and Inventory'

Flexera Alumni

Your SQL will not work as the search on the folder name must be a LIKE:

Please try the following and use the EXACT syntax:

select * from ComplianceSearchFolder_MT
where name like '%virtual discovery and inventory%'


Level 7

Please see above, I wrote:
Now I have created a new folder :
Reports ► Discovery and Inventory ► Virtualization Discovery and Inventory
And I want to see the folder 'Virtualization Discovery and Inventory'
Name = 'Virtualization Discovery and Inventory' is working
name like '%virtual discovery and inventory%' will not working.

But any way,
all folders which I created in the UI has: ComplianceSearchFolderSystemID = NULL

My problem is that the script 'Virtualization Discovery Details (NR)'  didn't accept ComplianceSearchFolderSystemID = NULL.

That means we can use the script for the view 'Virtualization Discovery Details (NR)' only for  ‘default’ folders, there is a limitation of the stored procedure dbo.ComplianceCustomViewRegister.

No problem, I will use a default folder, e.g.
Discovery and Inventory ► Inventory

So I used:
@ComplianceSearchFolderSystemID = -25


Level 7

I have checked the result of the view, we got more than 500 results returned,
e.g. more than 100 [ProductName]: VMware vCenter Server.

But the number of vCenters of the tenant is less 10. I afraid there is no filter
on the tenants.

CREATE PROCEDURE dbo.nr_custReportVirtualizationDiscovery AS

, Protocol

FROM DiscoveredDeviceVirtualizationInfo_MT ddv
INNER JOIN DiscoveredDevice_MT dd on dd.DeviceID = ddv.DeviceID
INNER JOIN VirtualizationProductName vpn on vpn.VirtualizationProductNameID = ddv.ProductNameID

Atm I can see data from all tenants, because we have a multi-tenant system.
e.g. in the UI I found also [ProductName]: Oracle VM Manager.
but for this tenant we are not using it.

I will create a case for my request

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