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This article documents the operating systems which support custom installation directories for the FlexNet Inventory Agent


I need to change the default installation, data and log paths of an Inventory agent. How can I configure custom paths?


A custom install directory is only supported on the following platforms when using the FlexNet Inventory Agent 2017 R1 (2016 R1 SP1 and below do not support this functionality):
? AIX version 5.3 or later, which is called User Specified Installation Location (USIL)
? Linux x86 (RPM)
? Linux x86_64 (RPM)
? Solaris SPARC
? Solaris x86

The custom installation functionality is documented on pages 64-66 and the installation commands on pages 67-71 of the attached "GatheringFlexNetInventory.pdf" Guide, which can be found on the home page of your WebUI's Online Help or in the Downloads section of the Customer Community Center under Product Documentations.
If the FlexNet Inventory Agent was already installed on the device in the default location, an uninstall is required prior to the custom installation.
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