ServiceNow to FNMS not generating XML file in Quebec MID Server

ServiceNow to FNMS not generating XML file in Quebec MID Server


For ServiceNow Quebec - After running a ServiceNow to FNMS export you will notice that no XML file is generated in your Quebec MID Server. Even though checking the Export History indicates that the Export was successful.


Quebec mid servers require java 1.8 while Paris/Orlando mid servers use java 1.7.
The export functionality implements a decoding method:

decodeFile: function (data){
		var strJFile = new;
		//Switch to java8 base64 
		var bytes = new Packages.sun.misc.BASE64Decoder().decodeBuffer(strJFile);		
		var strDJFile = new, "UTF-8");
		return strDJFile;

Which references the non-existent sun.misc.BASE64Decoder java package (java8). This causes an exception which results in the file not being written to the file system.

A workaround would be to replace the method used with java.util.Base64.getDecoder().decode(). This is available in java 1.8. The customer would need to load an XML to update the script include.


  1. Download and unzip a copy of the
  2. In your ServiceNow Instance, make sure the operator has Admin roles and application scope set to "Flexera Integration"
  3. In the navigation tool, search for "Retrieved Update Sets"
  4. Choose the option to "Import Update Set from XML"
  5. After updating the script include, you should be able to run the export again and an XML file should be generated in your designated file path in your MID server

Also, this will be patched for ServiceNow - Flexera Integration application 5.0.600

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